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Slovak Retail Summit 2018

Obsah:23. - 25.4.2018
"Business world under magnifying glass"

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"Business world under magnifying glass"



Speed-dating - F2F meeting                                                                                          
Conference participants networking


DISCUSSION FORUM: Are we moving forward or getting nowhere?                                           
Discussion on current issues, the business community and representatives of the state administration.
OPINIONS AND DISCUSSION: Shop as a pleasant part of free time                                                                                                
Retail is the place of meetings, experience, comfort, and interaction with brands. The priority of retail is to achieve customer satisfaction. This is the “Alpha and Omega” for a shop. Being able to provide versatile customer service is a competitive advantage. What innovations can we offer to our clients and what other requirements can we expect from shoppers?
OPINIONS AND DISCUSSION: Progress cannot be stopped
The power of customers is growing and business is under constant social pressure. It is pushed forward and forced to accept new trends, use new technology because the customer perceives them as improvement of services to their advantage. Knowing hot trends, new topics and their practical application in the store is essential for the future of staying alive in the retail market. Recognizing the innovations that will play an important and indispensable role in the satisfaction of consumers' claims in the future is crucial. Will we use blockchain and crypto wallets in the near future in regular daily purchases? What other useful news come from the world of technology to the business world? 
OPINIONS AND DISCUSSION: The struggle for the customer is on the rise                                  
The struggle for the customer is the engine for the advancement of the retail market. It starts with an idea, moves to its implementation, to sales and communication with regard to the offered goods or services. It takes many years to build customer loyalty and trust, yet both can be lost or compromised very quickly.  What are the factors the Slovak consumer is sensitive about and how to keep their loyalty? One of the powerful tools in the struggle for the customer is the knowledge of behavioral economics. It offers us effective guides to understand customer subconscious actions and decision-making. What impact do consumer tests have on consumer buying behavior? Can we rely on them or are they only a marketing tool or fake news?

Stars of the Retail Sky 2017

Presented by: Slavomír Jurko
venue: Vodárenské múzeum (Water Museum)

Winners' Announcement for 2017: Mastercard Merchant of the Year 2017, Mercury Muse 2017, Mercury Order for 2017


OPINIONS AND DISCUSSION: Social networks and data protection reform, its impact on the retail market
The news says that GDPR was created to make people more confident about Internet services and a digital economy where data protection is extremely important and not to limit, for example, Open Data projects. Would not this European data protection directive adversely affect the thorough knowledge of the consumer and would not it slow down the dynamics of successful tailor-made projects? So how does it affect work with data and targeting capabilities? What does it mean for marketing of goods and services and branding opportunities through social networks? So far, however, it is perceived as an obstacle to communication and a scarecrow in the form of astronomical fines.
OPINIONS AND DISCUSSION: Responsible business moves the good across the company
Responsible business that integrates the company's needs into company's activities is a necessity for a company's success in many ways. Customers, employees, suppliers and others value the company based on what social responsibility framework the company operates. Which area of ​​social responsibility shall the company focus on and why? Economic, anti-corruption, intellectual property protection, or environmental, marketing, ethical, health, social responsibility, or responsibility of a high-quality and safe product so that the wide circle of people and society benefits from the process and products of the company.
OPINIONS AND DISCUSSION: Building long-term relationships is important even beyond the family circles...
Customer relationship management (CRM) system is a great help when you do business and build strong relationship with a customer who pays you back by means of their purchase and recommendations. A suitable CRM system should provide the opportunity to supervise the customer, to have an idea of their ongoing activities, to estimate and provide for their needs, to have a better organization and overview in communication with the customer in order to achieve higher profit. CRM that focuses on searching for new customers, developing relationships with existing customers, delivering customer service, which includes various systems for organizing, automating, and synchronizing sales, marketing, and technical departments. In the past, a lot has been written about such system... what innovations does it offer and what does practical experience say?
OPINIONS AND DISCUSSION : Nonfood – current topics /Logistics, data usage and optimization