INTRACO Special 2017 - Conference program



New challenges not for business only

"Paying attention to signs of changes in society is a competitive advantage not only in trade."
Society 5.0 and the phenomenon of consumption optimization.
Do not waste! Consumption optimization as the phenomenon of the futurei
panel discussion

Every change presents an opportunity to become a leader in your field. Therefore, even the change of thinking and behaviour of consumers regarding sustainability of raw materials is a challenge for all business fields as well. Effective use of resources in one system has a positive impact on their utilization in other ones. It is positively influenced by business as a part of this system, too. When we are wasting food, we are wasting soil, water, energy and other resources used for its non-consumed part. Reducing waste from the food system represents a positive contribution to the environment and sustainability of an acceptable future life in the world.  What are the conditions for improving the system of resource saving in Slovakia? What new solutions and processes should be suggested and adopted in this field?
Consumer segmentation, social responsibility and economic growth
panel dicussion

What is the prognosis for an increase in the quantity of those consumers who are increasingly sensitive not only to their own needs but also to important national and global needs? Population in Europe is aging and the importance of the so-called "Silver population" continues to grow. What marketing practices have proven to be successful in such diverse target groups of consumers of generation "BB" and generation "Z"? What do these target groups that are generationally so remote have in common? How could we influence behaviour of consumers in order to change their value system and at the same time create conditions for company’s and society’s growth?
Consumption as a modern version of happiness? What would the business sell? New challenges for marketing communication.
panel discussion

Present psychology of shopping is based also on satisfying one’s desire for happiness which is achieved by owning particular goods or service. Marketing is massively oriented towards increasing the consumption in order to satisfy the needs and desires of consumers. Is ever increasing production and consumption the right way to happiness, then? How does the marketing communication change in relation to changes in behaviour of those consumers who try to harmonize the good of nature and world with achieving economic results of companies and the society?